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“Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun” By Geoffrey Canada

In Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun, by Geoffrey Canada, the three major points include the past, the changes, and the present because they help explain the current state of inner-city neighborhoods. In the past, Canada explains that to gain reputation on the block, one would fight, and winning said fights meant an increase in reputation. Children were “safe”…

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The Black Panthers And The Police. Who’s Really Radical?

On February 1st, the movie Judas and The Black Messiah came out. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t ruin it, so don’t worry, no spoilers here. The movie depicts the Black Panther group, specifically the Chicago chapter led by Fred Hampton. The Black Panthers lay among the more radical side of the civil rights movement. Though…

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Here’s Why Your Education Should Be Free

Why does higher education come with such a hefty price tag in a country as developed and rich as the United States? Developed countries around the world have made education accessible to every student. Education is not a privilege of the wealthy; it is the right of every person. Many people complain about taxes this…

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Here’s What It Means To “Decriminalize” Drugs

On November 3rd, the country stared at their television and phone screens without a second thought of how high their screen time was getting. Despite whether you voted for Donald Trump’s reelection or Joe Biden, the. However, many people did not see or just scrolled over the articles explaining the many different states that legalized marijuana and the few states that decriminalized low amounts of harder drugs. In 44 states, weed is legal in some form, where that be medical or recreational. Oregon took the next step in 2020’s election. They voted and officially decriminalized personal use and possession of all drugs. The terms “decriminalized” and “legalized” are very distinct and crucial to understanding Oregon’s decision. So, today I will be discussing what it means to “decriminalize” drugs.

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